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Monday, December 30, 2013

Won't be quiet in 2014

The group of free thinker Anonymous.
Some think have been a little quiet of late.
OH, just wait for 2014 to kick in.


Anonymous said...

Cool. Generally speaking they do good works for the general good. I loved it when they took over Fox New's running banner and got it to say "Fox Lies", etc. That was delicious...

T. W. said...

Who on earth are these people? If they peacefully tell the truth they have my blessing. T. W.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matters what this disinfo group has to say, because they are part of the illuminati. Well, they are controlled by them.

Anonymous said...

Oh boy illuminati indeed!! Well C.D. I don't think they are, but do you think so? I wouldn't think the illuminati would expose pedophile groups, etc as they have, nor go after the liars at Fox "news". Those 2 things would not be of interest to the "illuminati" ...
What do you say, C.D.?

T. W. said...

The illuminati is not loyal to the puppets. One cannot join the illuminati. You have to be born into it. People have been "discredited" and have died under mysterious circumstances. A one world government and false peace will come. Be careful. Dont be surprised if some of the aliens have a part in it. Depending on who you believe the illuminati worships them. I dont blame Christian if he has no comment on the matter. We do not want him to disappear. The truth always comes to light in the end. T. W.

Anonymous said...

Oh I don't think C.D. is in any threat from the "Illuminati" or the people with the power. They don't care what you say....it's when/if you decide to "do something" about it...then your days are numbered. (It is thought that JFK Jr. was killed to shut him up because he was going to "do something" and run for POTUS to find out who killed his dad....but then he met with a convenient "accident" and the news media started telling big lies about it all). Of course there isn't much proof about what he was "going to do", but we do know the media lied their butts off about his flying ability and host of other things during that time.

C.D.....will we EVER have our media back where it is reporting the real news and truth...or attempting to, without being led around the nose by the CIA, "powers that be" etc??? That's a worthy question I think.

Peace All,