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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Clay for Congress.....

Clay Aikin has decided he needs to run for office in congress.
To represent North Carolina as a democrat.
Well I suppose in a filly buster, 
he would be able to at least be entertaining.
Mind you it's not going to happen.

1 comment:

T. W. said...

If he were smart he would run for state legislature. NC has gone to hell in a handbasket. We are the fourth poorest state in the nation. Our school teachers are not fairly compensated. We have some of the highest taxex in the nation. Our social service system has gone to hell in every aspect. They ran Bev Perdue out of office and put Satan in her place as governor. Our laws favor insurance companies. Good luck filing a claim or lawsuit. We are a no fault state so it is next to impossible to sue the state even when it is obvious to everyone when they are in the wrong. I want to know how women in the mental institutions end up pregnant. The state close Dorthea Dix Hospital because the land was worth millions. Dorthea Dix is very important in American history. She is buried on that land. Innocent people go to jail and are exonerated on the regular in North Carolina. If you aint white you aint right here. Now all of you know where I live. PLEASE pray for us, it is very bad here. T. W.