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Rough times ahead....

After watching Madonna,
 at the Grammys the other day.
I couldn't quite work out,
 what was wrong with her.
Was it the outfit?
Was it the silly stick?
No, she's not well.
She needs to take care of herself.
Otherwise she's going to end up in the hospital,
 for along time, or worse.


T. W. said…
Some people think Kabbalah is finally catching up to her.

I have seen photos of her with herpese sores on her lips. She needs to take better care of herself. She has the money to do it.

Did any of you see the performance she did with Miley Cyrus on MTV? I have seen clips of it and I am thoroughly disgusted. I am going to say it. I got gay vibes off of Miley Cyrus, or was that Justin Beiber?

Can someone please tell Miley to get a difulcan (diflucan?) prescription for that nasty looking tongue of hers?! T. W.
Anonymous said…
I agree with you, Christian. I thought the same when I saw her on the red carpet. She doesn't look well. I hope she does take the time to just slow down, take care of her health, and just enjoy life at a healthy pace.
Anonymous said…
I think you can work out too much, have too much sex, too much plastic surgery and it just goes on and on. She seems obsessed with staying young and hip which can boomerang. Yes, if she doesn't slow down her children could end up being her caretaker. The Material Girl could have a different yet fulfilling life if she would just change her perspective.
Anonymous said…
Celebrities don't grow old with dignity anymore, and it's spreading to everyday people as well. What happened to accepting the different stages of life? Everyone wants to act like the party never ends & be young & stupid forever.
Anonymous said…
I was in Madonna's home years ago when basil lived with her as assistant and bodyguard prior to wrecking one of her vintage mercedes . Well I found and kept a bottle of what at the time I has no idea what it was as a souvenirs it was diflucan. Don't know if it means anything. Kate Hudson major ho bag is said to of had a std and passed it to Owen Wilson at the time.

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