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Thursday, January 30, 2014



Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Told Ya Not so fast Missy

Monday, October 3, 2011

If Amanda Knox thinks she has got away from her troubles.
Better think again.
The nightmare restarts.


Anonymous said...

I actually find this BS. The evidence was sketchy as hell and I don't think she would have been found guilty here in the U.S., well except in Texas which I have personal family experience but that is another story.

So what happens to her now? Do we extradite her or does she just stay here and never leave the U.S?

Anonymous said...

You never ceases to amaze me Christian.

Christian Dion said...

Eventually she'll be sent to Italy, even if it takes years..CD

Anonymous said...

But did she really kill her?( that's the true question)

Christian Dion said...

Let's just say she had a big hand in the murder, I accept she may not remeber as she was high as a kite CD

Anonymous said...

Hopefully this will bring a little closure to Meredith Kercher's family.

T. W. said...

At least we know now. As for the first comment, there is no justice here in North Carolina. T. W.

Anonymous said...

Well I am no psychic, but I feel she is guilty. I got pretty annoyed with all the arrogant Americans acting like she's so innocent and how she wouldn't be found guilty in the U.S. I say B.S. to that. She needs to go to Italy and pay for her crime, she is not innocent, doesn't come off as innocent and should not be viewed as innocent.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Christian for your predictions. You always show a lot of compassion for the victims. I think there's lots of compelling evidence that she is guilty. She admits to being in the house when the murder happened. She said she heard screams and put her hands over her ears. If you hear screams - wouldn't you investigate or at least run out of the house? Also, she did cartwheels at the police station when she was taken into custody. Who does cartwheels, when your roommate has been brutally murdered?

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for Meredith Kurtcher's family because on top of their already horrendous loss, this is going to run and run.

1. Even if the U.S. eventually extradite Knox, they will drag this out possibly for years (the Italians have to officially request the extradition which could take years in itself). The Italian court/justice system grinds slower than anywhere else in the Western world.

2. Raffaele Sollecito could take his case to the European Court of Human Rights. Under existing European Human Rights case law, if you are found not guilty (as they were in 2011) then it is unlawful for later court to find you guilty without new evidence (no new evidence has been offered in spite of the convictions being reinstated).

So this is a messy one. I just feel so sorry for poor Meredith. She suffered a terrible death and still her loved ones are no closer to justice or the truth.

Anonymous said...

Christian, have you heard of the "celebrity" (I guess that word is being used loosely) boxing match that idiot George Zimmerman is fighting in. Rumor has it The Game, what has a Trayvon Martin tattoo, will be his opponent. I hope this is true and I hope The Game will give him what he deserves. What do you see for the outcome?

T. W. said...

In an American criminal case the prosecution must give evidence proving the person is guilty beyond reasonable doubt. In a civil case the standard of proof is much lower. If this had taken place in America she would have been found innocent in criminal court. The victim's family could sue in civil court if this took place in America and by civil court standards she would have been found guilty.

This has nothing to do with Americans being arrogant. People can be tried more than once for the same crime in other countries. Punishments are unnecessarily harsh in some foreign countries. The Italian court should have got their act together before they tried her the first time. She was tried twice and the US will be slow to hand her over unless we get something in return. T. W.