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Sunday, January 12, 2014

You asked.........

This trouble surrounding Chris Christie,
 is only to get worse & worse.
You won't believe what's,
 about to come out about him.
It'll make this mess look like a tea party.


T. W. said...

Maybe he ate some cats like that guy in Toronto did. Ha ha. T. W.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad because people need to know what this guy is about. I knew he was a bullying thug when he attacked that teacher. I hope he meets his proper karma ;).

Anonymous said...

According to another seer (Sharon Roach), Christie is being discredited by a rival faction that is even more ruthless than he ever was. One of them will become a future US president en a dictator. Do you "sense" the same?

Anonymous said...

I'm happy it will come out before he attempts a presidency. I want Hillary! KN

Anonymous said...

Chris Christie has always been a bully - too bad he doesn't live up to his name. I'm glad the truth is finally coming out.

T. W. said...

NBC News is reporting he is linked to some misuse of federal Hurricane Sandy funds. T. W.

Anonymous said...

Interesting choice of words Christian. I heard another psychic say that the 'tea party' has a role in this scandal, convincing Bridget Kelly, the deputy chief of staff to participate in this scandal. (Tea partiers don't want Christie to be the republican presidential frontrunner, he's not conservative enough for them.) Don't know how plausible that is. But I feel that Christie is pretty unscumpulous. I'm more apt to believe Christie lead the charge on this and many other instances of abuse of power. Thank you for bringing us current on the outcome, I have been following the news relentlessly as this saga unfolds.