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It's spreading fpr sure......


T. W. said…
Uh oh. I hope this is not being orchestrated by the elites who want the New World Order. T. W.
Anonymous said…
The Far Right makes much of secret, nefarious plans to establish a New World Order. They equate the New World Order with a United Nations world government occupying America with blue-helmeted brown troops and black helicopters. It is one of the fantasies the lunatics enoy conjuring as they play with their guns in their basements.
They actually see themselves as the last line of defense against the subjugation of America by a New World Order world government.
What is really ludicrous is that the New World Order is being organized by the very Right wing parties and politicians that these lunaics support!
Yes, there really are are efforts to create a New World Order!
But it has nothing to do with establishing a World Government.
The New World Order is a Capitalist wet dream.
It is International Capitalism beyond the reach of any government.
It is a New World Economy, not a government they are working toward.
And a World Government is precisely what international Capitalists do NOT want.

T. W. said…
They want a one world government so they will have to answer to no one but themselves. T. W.
Anonymous said…
Seer! You meant there will be a war in Ukraine,something like in Syria?

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