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Not a knockout........

Smug BASTARD George Zimmerman.
Is going to be in a Celebrity Boxing Match.
Personally I don't know why
 he is classed as a celebrity.
However as angry as I am,
that he will be paid a small fortune for it.
I feel the he's going to get knocked out.
With a bit of luck, he won't get back up.


T. W. said…
Trayvon's family should sue this human $hitbag in civil court. The burden of proof is lower so they will win. If they are smart, they will file suit before someone knocks him out permanently because he might have life insurance they can put a lien against.

I am a Christian and I want to knock him out. God forgive me. God, please do something about George Zimmerman quick! T. W.
Anonymous said…
You are not the only one angry by this pile of human excrement. I too would dearly love to see him locked up for the rest of his pathetic life where he deserves. Only in Flor i duh can they get away with such blatant and obvious crimes, which is why O.J. ran to live there. I hope that Karma comes knocking very soon for him.
T. W. said…
The Superficial is reporting DMX is going to fight him. DMX is mentally unstable and has been to prison several times. My money is on him. T. W.
T. W. said…
Can someone please stomp on this cockroach?! T. W.
T. W. said…
The DMX fight is not happening. He said people were upset about it. Someone else will do it and squash this roach. T. W.

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