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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Telling times......ahead

Sean John P Diddy Puff Daddy Diddy Combs.
Maybe under the delusion that he has all his secrets, nicely tied up.
Safe and secure, in the tight circle around him.
Oh how wrong he is.
One of his "Friends".
 Is about to spill a whole lot of beans.
Telling all out of school.


Anonymous said...

Oh no! I secretly like him and still listen to my 90's Hip Hop mixes!

T. W. said...

Visit the Hollywood Street King site to read all about Doo Wa Diddy Diddy Dum Diddy Doo. T. W.

Anonymous said...

Ooooh can't wait for them to spill......ooohh will pay admission tickets for this tea.

T. W. said...

You know he is very special friends with Fonzworth Bentley. There are also reports of Satanic worship and orgies. T. W.

Anonymous said...

We all know Diddy like a hot fudge sundae lol and a stick to eat it with that's old news but can't wait to hear more about his love'en a lota fudge lol yeah ask jacky let's it be known I love his site