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Friday, February 28, 2014

The bitch is at it again.....

I get the strangest feeling.
That Kate " Mother of The Year" Gosselin.
Is up to something.
Even worse that the crap she has pulled in the past.
I get the feeling she's run out of money.
So is planning to use the kids, again.
To refill the bank account.


Anonymous said...

This woman went through fertility treatments to have more kids. Then she said it was God's will that she have that many at one time. Humans aren't meant to have litters.Maybe Kate and Octomom should have a joint reality show.

T. W. said...

Why do people blame God or Satan instead of taking responsibility for the choices they have made?

Friends, please pray for me. I am really depressed. God bless you all. T. W.

Anonymous said...

Love her! She is a good person and excellent mother. Let the HEATER'S hate. Anyone survives that low life prick of an ex and taking care of her children as well as she does deserves all the good blessings that may come her way. I don't see the psychic of this site talking trash for the couple of 19 kids and counting...