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Monday, March 17, 2014

One more time.....

After the recent deposition of Justin Bieber.
In which he behaved like a spoilt brat.
Surprise, surprise....
He's to go through it all again. Well, this time his behavior will be even worse.
Goody, goody....


T. W. said...

Maybe he can get a reality show. I bet it would be better than the Kardashians.T. W.

Anonymous said...

Between the steroid stacking and excessive drugs (pot is not harmless - especially when you start puffing away as a teenager) - I wonder what his adult life will be like. I hope someone in his family will be there to help (grandparents?) him when the money dries up.

Maureen said...

And what did he learn from the first deposition? Act like a baby and you get plenty of free press. Yup. I can see him upping the ante.