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Monday, March 3, 2014

Told Ya Brad Pitt Oscar......

Sunday, September 8, 2013

OSCAR, OSCAR, OSCAR...........

Brad Pitt in 
" 12 Years A Slave"
There's a Little Golden Man in Brads future.
Simply named OSCAR.


Anonymous said...

Brad and Angelina are still going to break up??, because last night in the Oscars... they looked in love and he was very sweet with her!! Brad still loves Angelina or the end is near??, What is the deal with Brad and Angelina??

Anonymous said...

But you did predict an Oscar for DiCaprio and he didn't win;)

Anonymous said...

Christian never said Leo would win he said he would have a great year professionally. Which could simply mean he finds the role that could lead to an oscar or other accolades . As for brangelina if you search the names of celebs on the blog you can see all his predictions.

Anonymous said...

I am really annoyed for Dicaprio. This is silly now. And every year pundits and psychics all say "Oh he will win in the future" then it does not happen. It is always someone else's year. Sally

Anonymous said...

Good point. What is ahead this year for Leo CD? This film was his 'baby,' so this loss has to have hurt.
It's not fair. He is consistently strong with no reward while others can give 1 good performance in their whole career and they are handed every statuette going.

Anonymous said...

The way things are going Dicaprio will be the only actor left in Hollyweird who does n't have an Oscar :-(

Anonymous said...

I hope Leonardo does find a project this year that will bring him his deserved awards asap. Sadly, he said in an interview last week that he has no acting projects for 2014 unless something unexpected pops up. All he has lined up thus far is more environmental work and that ridiculous space trip (if it happens).

Anonymous said...

Actually - I remember Mr Dion saying that Dicaprio would win an Oscar - for the Gatsby film. Alas none of the psychics seem to get their Dicaprio predictions right. I wish Dicaprio luck future awards success though. He is excellent.

Congratulations to Pitt, McQueen et al on their achievement with 12 Years a Slave. It was very well done.

Anonymous said...

Well done to 12 years a slave. About Leo - the Oscars are more about campaigning, money and popularity than they are about talent. I wonder what the Academy's problem with Leo is?

T. W. said...

They are professional actors. They get paid lots of money to lie and pretend. T. W.

Anonymous said...

@anon March 4,2014 at 12:53 AM,Christian was talking about Oscar for DiCaprio one year ago when Great Gatsby has premiered.I remember posting a comment that I can see an Oscar nom for him for The Wolf Of Wall Street and for Great Gatsby for the costiumes.I was right:) Check out old threads.

Anonymous said...

He got upset in 1998 year and didn't show on Oscar ceremony because he didn't get nomination for Titanic.He literally showed the middle finger to the members of the Academy,so now they flipping the bird LOL :)