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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Yeah right...

Chris Brown is trying to have us believe.
That his bad behaviour is due to him being
He's not only a prick, but a liar.
Let's see how long he stays out of trouble.
Not long.....


Anonymous said...

That's truly disgusting if it is not true. It's also very easy to prove false. A psychiatrist has to diagnose you through a battery of tests and then you have to be on very strong medication. He's truly demented if he thinks he can just make that claim to get out of a crime. Many, many criminals have tried that before and it does not make you not responsible for committing crimes.

T. W. said...

A relative threw my illness in my face and acted like it is a character flaw. Research has proven this is biological.People like Chris Brown are the reason people want to lock us up. Some of the sanest people you will ever meet are mentally I'll (sanity is a legal term, not medical). T. W.