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Sunday, April 27, 2014


Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling 
has been caught on tape.
Spewing terrible racist remarks.
To his girlfriend.
Who ironically is Black/Mexican.
Oh this is going to get very nasty.
I see him having to sell his team,
 to make this disappear.


Erika said...

In other news....CLOONEY IS ENGAGED!

Christian Dion said...

Not yet announced, even if/when it is it won't last....CD

auntliddy said...

CD-figured as much! Lol

Anonymous said...

Hi Christian! How is your book-writing going?

Anonymous said...

Good. There should be consequences for this kind of hatefulness.

Anonymous said...

oh good grief. You need to do a post on this and don't hide your prediction in the comments section. I thought it might work - she seems like a smart and accomplished woman (not the usual suspects he flings with!) so I thought it might be a good match... :(

T. W. said...

I thought Christian predicted Clooney would never marry. A lot of the commenters speculated on the why not.

T. W. said...

I am glad he will have to sell the team. Magic Johnson commented teams should not be owned.

I wonder about the girlfriend. I read this men would take people on tour in the locker room while playets were showering and tell people to look at the beautiful black bodies. His alleged words, not mine.

Anonymous said...

Hi Christian. Some of the papers did announce Clooney's engagement - like the NY post. Also people magazine confirmed the engagement. I think the only reason he's marrying her, is he's angling for a political job and she would make a good political wife. Gina

Anonymous said...

Hi Christian, can you tell us if Magic Johnson would actually be the new owner?

Christian Dion said...

I think he'll step in to rescue them CD