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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Dear God........

So it seems that 
Supermodel Naomi Campbell 
is dating 
actor Michael Fassbender.
It won't see the fall.
In the mean time I hope he can duck.


T. W. said...

Christian, you are funny! T. W.

Anonymous said...

Hi Christian, any thoughts on Peaches Geldof passing away?

Anonymous said...

Dear God is right. And I hope you are correct about it not lasting too long. Why on earth would Michael need to go anywhere near her??? This sexy, talented Irish man is wasted on her.

Anonymous said...

Michael's German-Irish (born in Germany to a German dad and Northern Irish mum and raised in Southern Ireland. He is full of charm but won't be a push over and is n't likely to take any c**p from her. Although, why he'd go near her is beyond me.

Anonymous said...

'Whoa yeah...I heard she likes to throw things. Do you know C.D. if she is Bipolar, or Schizophrenic, or just Borderline Personality Disorder? Something is wrong with her and I don't know if as a child she was abused or if her mother did not properly bond with her, but something is very wrong with NC, sadly.

T. W. said...

According to blind item gossip she was pimped out by her mother.

Anonymous said...

What about those domestic abuse allegations against Fassbender made by his ex-GF?Is that true?If true,I guess his PR team cleaned it perfectly,because I've read some time ago that any thread about it posted on his IMDb board was deleted.

Anonymous said...

That's really sad if that is true. I looked up were "condition" and came up with Borderline Personality Disorder, which they claim brings on violence due to anxiety over abandonment issues. So that could be her deal, however; she certainly has the resources to get the proper help and the intensive psyco-therapy that she needs. The fact that she continues this behavior indicates that, while she claims to be responsible for her activities, she has not yet begun to take full responsibility of that or else she'd be in therapy and on proper medication.

Perhaps she is also afflicted with Narcissistic Personality Disorder as well and believes that she doesn't have to change her behavior...only admit to it. Very sad.


Anonymous said...

CD - It smells like PR.