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End of Days............NOT......

Some of you have asked about the 
Which starts next week.
This is a period of time in the 
World of Planets and those that study them.
It lasts till September 2015.
It is when the 
Sun, Mars & Earth 
are in rare allinement.
It will deliver 
4" Blood" Moons, 
followed by 
6 "Full" Moons.
It does not mean the 
"End of Days".
So when you hear the quacks, 
spouting this that and the other.
IGNORE them.
Now I do feel the 
Will bring many changes.
But they are needed.


T. W. said…
Thank you for this. This is a sign and we need to take heed. The rabbis and some Christians teach on this and they agree with what you have said. T. W.
E. said…
Planets alinged...will they reunite me with my soulmate? Lord have mercy, I am so tired of being love lorned.

I just need a sign....
Anonymous said…
Ask CD for a reading. I did the same :) I am peaceful now. SM
E. said…
Cannot afford it...wishing so much that I could.
Anonymous said…
Really ? Excuse my ignorance but 50 $ is so cheap. Do you know what the fake astrologers charge ??

Let that be your short term goal then. Work for it. I feel blessed that a being like CD exists. I have been asking astrologers / psychics for 8 years now. Everyone that I asked GUESSED. None SAW. All the best :)
Anonymous said…
hi I'm in the UK. How much is a reading from cd and can it be obtained by post? I remember him on the local radio when I lived in London in the 80's. Kind regards Tony
Christian Dion said…
Hi Tony details of an email reading on the first page of the blog near the top left hand side CD
Anonymous said…
Dear CD,

I intend to take another reading next month about a crucial matter once I get this month's salary :) I hope you stay online.

Pessimistic me :)
Anonymous said…
Christian, what do you think about Stephen Colbert replacing David Letterman?
Christian Dion said…
the answer to that is my next bit of gossip CD
T. W. said…
The Tetrad is catching attention because this year in next year the eclipses fall on Passover and Tabernacles twice each. History has shown when this happens major changes come to the nation/people of Israel. We do not know what will happen this time. T. W.
T. W. said…
I forgot to mention the following:

Lunar eclipse means judgment is coming to Israel.

Solar eclipse means judgment is coming to the nations. There will be a partial solar eclipse next year.

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