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Friday, April 18, 2014

Thursday, April 10, 2014

End of Days............NOT......

Some of you have asked about the 
Which starts next week.
This is a period of time in the 
World of Planets and those that study them.
It lasts till September 2015.
It is when the 
Sun, Mars & Earth 
are in rare allinement.
It will deliver 
4" Blood" Moons, 
followed by 
6 "Full" Moons.
It does not mean the 
"End of Days".
So when you hear the quacks, 
spouting this that and the other.
IGNORE them.
Now I do feel the 
Will bring many changes.
But they are needed.

1 comment:

T. W. said...

Ignorant Christians give all Christians a bad name. Lunar eclipse signifies judgement has come to the Jews. Lunar eclipse means judgement has come to the nations.

2015 is a shimetah year meaning all debts are to be wiped out. I think 2016 is Jub8lee year meaning debts are gone and people are to return to their father's land. If you lost land or property it is to return to you. If anyone is wondering, 2001 and 2008 were shemitah years. The lunar tetrad is of note because everytime this has happen d bizarre things have happened to the people/nation of Israel.

An internet search can verify this but you will be better off if you have access to a good Rabbi who is willing to explain this.