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This is going to get nasty...p

If you think the recent accusations against 
X Men Movie director Bryan Singer 
are bogus.
Think again..
This stuff has been going off for years in Hollywierd.
We are going to see some very surprising
people unmasked.
About time too.
Stay tuned


T. W. said…
Thank you for this. Many sites are reporting the parties are legendary. I saw a pic of him dressed as a priest. My mind was made up then. There was also a pic of him with Taylor Lautner.

It is about time someone put a stop to the abuse.
Maureen said…
This is a civil filing though. Won't a lot of money make it go away? I hope not, but these things have been filed in the past with nothing seeing the light of day.

OTOH with the planets the way they are now, lots of things are going to be blown wide open. There's a lot of pressure, and something has got to give.
It's also time for political loonies to come out. Would not like to be in the Secret Service right now.
You know there's gotta have been a lot of danger to O since he took office, and the fact that we've heard very little makes me think they're doing a good job. Total speculation but I will bet I'm correct.
Patrick Ganley said…
Wow. Thanks, Christian!

Anyway, I hope any pedophiles in Hollywood get what's coming to them.
Ri said…
Oh yeah! I completely agree! Whatever happens with this case is one thing, but this has put a spotlight of a very deep rooted issue in Hollyweird that these roaches can't skurry from. Hold on to your hats, folks... ugly is about to exposed!!!!! Good job, Christian!
Maureen said…
Televised coverage if this goes to trial would beat any reality TV. Hope it's not a case of he that has the most money wins.
Anonymous said…
Oh wow so ....the two Coreys (Feldman and Haim) were correct, as I suspected. They didn't give names, but they said you would be amazed at who is abusing children in Hollywood. Shocked in fact, as the people doing it are those you would never suspect. I thought then (as I do now) that I had hoped something would come of the accusations, but Corey Haim died tragically (O.D.'d) and Feldman claimed it was a direct result of the sexual abuse that they both had to deal with which ultimately lead to his substance abuse and demise. This needs to be brought out into the public eye and stopped.
T. W. said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said…
So how promotion of X Men will be look like?Is Singer going to cancelled his promotional duties?Will the actors get asked about it?
Anonymous said…
Christian you said before that more would come out about Woody, do you think the investigation/publicity of this will encourage more victims to come forward for Woody, Polansky and other Hollywood big wigs as well?

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