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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

TOLD YA He's GONE.........

Sunday, April 27, 2014


Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling 
has been caught on tape.
Spewing terrible racist remarks.
To his girlfriend.
Who ironically is Black/Mexican.
Oh this is going to get very nasty.
I see him having to sell his team,
 to make this disappear.


Anonymous said...

Off topic here.... what do you feel now about Prince Harry and Cressida? ... i see they have broken up according to reports... will they be getting back together?

Christian Dion said...

not confirmed, but they will be back together , if in fact they have broken up.

Christian Dion said...

we had the same thing before Kate & Wills got engaged CD

T. W. said...

I had forgotten about that. Maybe they want to keep people guessing.

Anonymous said...

So this geezer's goose is cooked and will the model who secretly recorded him be prosecuted as well?