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Saturday, April 19, 2014


I hate to be a downer especially at Easter.
But if the powers that be.
Believe for one minute, that Pres Putin.
Is going to stick with the Ukraine deal,
 that was delivered yesterday.
They all need guide dogs.
He's buying time plain and simple.
It is as though the 1930's is returning.
We all know what that lead to.


Anonymous said...

I read that a militant group there is requesting all Jews to register.

Anonymous said...

Hi cd. This sounds worrying. Please tell us this won't lead to another world war. I pray and hope this won't happen and hope there is a bright future to look forward to. Tony

Anonymous said...

"Worrying is a prayer for what you DONT want"...:-)
Read this Quote at the crystal castle, in Byron Bay recently...so true.

Anonymous said...

it's impossible not to worry for our kids and futures in this kind of environment.

T. W. said...

Yes, I am surprised American news reported this. Considering what the rabbis teach concerning blood moons and lunar tetrads I expected something like this. History backs up the teaching.

Patrick Ganley said...

So, is there anything to say about the Bryan Singer accusations?