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Tuesday, April 22, 2014


 Khloe Kardashian,
 is dating rapper French Montana.
These Kardashians,
 are truly the lowest of the low.
Does she think that by dating this rapper,
 she will be more relevant?
Plus this " Relationship " won't last.


Anonymous said...

oh gosh...these karsahians

Maureen said...

I think this relationship is over because her "family" aka Momager Kris does not approve. Well Jris really doesn't approve of Kloe anyway. She will never get Moms approval. Kris will always love Kim best. The other kids just have to come to terms with it. Anyway Kloe needs to get off the drugs and her coke habit or she will self destruct. And don't think Kris won't exploit her descent. So sad. The kids are really messed up.

T. W. said...

Why can't they go away?

Anonymous said...

I've read that most reality shows are anything but reality. This family takes the cake in sham relationships, marriages and the church they bought. I don't know who or what they are but they could write a guide book on how to live a life of lies.

Anonymous said...

If the downhill slide of reality shows is the way the world is going (which it is), then I am very proud of humanity:-). We have shown, that to us honesty, integrity and shows with depth and actual humour is more important. Yay only took too long:-). I can hear the Kardashian Families nails screeching on the blackboard as they try to hang on lol. Just gave myself the blackboard shivers. I don't hate them, but I do hope they start enjoying life in the 'real world' soon, then it will be a win win for everyone. Please God Please, Have mercy on us!!!!!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Is Khlo-hoe on drugs? I believe he is playing like the fiddle and for exposure till the something better comes along. He is low enough to get her pregnant to collect $