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Friday, April 11, 2014

Won't work........

So CBS have announced who is to replace 
David Letterman.
They have picked 
Stephen Colbert.
Not the right choice.
Oh Well.....


Anonymous said...

I was afraid of that. I think that Colbert is wildly creative and very funny, BUT he is not a good interviewer.

T. W. said...

Wonder why they didn't choose Conan. Oh well. I am not a fan of Colbert but that is okay. At least some people will get some enjoyment while he is at CBS.

Anonymous said...

I love Colbert but how about a female and someone of color?

Anonymous said...

Agreed. Tina Fey would have been so much better!

Anonymous said...

Well I think the problem that Colbert is going to have is that people are going to expect him to do his character and he isn't going to do that. I do LOVE the fact that the rwnj's (aka John Bircher Society) are going stupid over it. They are such a sad, scared group.