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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Bring Back Our Girls.........

In respect to Mothers Day.
No gossip today.
But please share this message.
 Let's pray they get back sooner rather than later.
Due to getting the message out.


T. W. said...

Bless you and your mother.

Anonymous said...

Dear God/Goddess---the Great All That Is....
We pray.
We ask for your Divine Help, to carry these girls home safely. We ask that the perpetrators be captured; that copy-cat attempts of this nature be thwarted. We ask, Divine Presence, to use this incident to raise awareness of the plight of other females who are suffering at the hands of men, be brought to the world's attention, for it is through a heightened universal consciousness that change can be made to lift the clenched fist of oppression off the yokes of those who suffer. We ask that those who have the ability to facilitate this change, hear the cries of our united voices, use the attention of influential beings, and harness the collective power of governments to address and abate incidents that damage, destroy or decimate the lives of the less powerful. We ask that Divine Grace descend onto this horrific situation to transform the social fabric of patriarchal societies. Move hardened beliefs into a new paradigm of providing safety and respect for our girls and women the world over—honoring their individual free will. The voice and power of the Divine Feminine can no longer be denied. For it is time.
...And so it is.

Anonymous said...

Will the girls be brought back? Is Nigeria working with the militant group and is that why they did not do anything to get the girls back?