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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Kris Jenner "I'll pimp out anything" Kardasdhian.

Just when you thought this bitch,
 couldn't stoop any lower.
She's now pimping out her younger daughters.
For the right price to anyone.
Including dates with OLDER men.
But, she's about to come a cropper.
Big fall ahead....


T. W. said...

Thank God it is almost over.

Anonymous said...

OMG Christian, do tell us! Are they finally going to get egg thrown all over their fugly mugs?

Anonymous said...

Well...not to be rude, but wouldn't you think with all of her money that she would be in better shape? I mean they have personal trainers and personal chefs, etc....just saying. If it were me I'd never walk out of the house looking less than put together.

Anonymous said...

Does Bruce know?

Anonymous said...

Maybe she's been doing something illegal and thinks she's above the law, being the Kween of Kmart an' all. Or maybe someone in the family or a disgruntled employee is gonna spill the beanos: contracts be damned!

Anonymous said...

Will the girls be drugged and or raped? I'm sure she is not doing this with intention for girls to have sex with these people. However I can see any of these strangers drugging/raping. Is this the case ?