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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Please send prayers....

Hi Gang, 
as you know I rarely ask for favours.
But I am from a mining family.
Plus one of my dearest friends is Jake from Turkey.
So could you please remember everyone in this troubled time with the  Turkish mine disaster.


Anonymous said...

My prayers to everyone involved.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely. Will include all the miners, families and rescue people in my prayers today.

Anonymous said...

I will pray for all the victims, their families and friends.

LesleyAnn Gutsche said...

Thoughts and prayers with all involved. May grace be with them. May grace be with you, Christian, and your friend Jake. May grace be with us all. Amen.

Anonymous said...

Dear God/Goddess, The Great All There Is and All That Is Not….
We pray.
While we do not understand such tragedies, particularly the ones that hit the most vulnerable of our human family, and while we strive to make sense of the senseless, such as the conditions that have caused this horrific ordeal; we ultimately know the passing of those who have already died, will not be in vain. We bow our heads in reverence to the sacrifice these brave souls have made. Through the sacrifice of life, by raising their Spirit awareness of imbalance and neglect is exposed; let this propel the populace to demand justice. We are saddened to know of the tremendous impact this tragedy has imparted, additionally to survivors and witnesses. We see, even from afar, the despair and suffering of too many. Within us, we know one life is no less important than another. And those in control, who do not empathize with the people, swiftly remove them from power. Use this incident as a force to bring beneficial changes for those most in need. We seek meaning in all, even where fear and suffering breeds. Bring healing and peace to all afflicted. This we pray. And so it is.

Anonymous said...

Dear God,
Please send peace and comfort to everyone involved.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely love and prayers to everyone.

Anonymous said...

May God bless all souls. May all be happy and peaceful.

T. W. said...

Dear God,
I thank you and praise you because you are a God of peace and mercy. I thank you for Jake's safety, health, and provision. I thank you for sparing the lives of the Turks duringthis time.

I thank and praise you God because you are love and do not want anyone to perish. Thank you for providing aid, comfort, and protection to the people. In the name of Jesus I pray, amen.