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Friday, May 16, 2014

She's just as BAD....

As you no doubt know.
Khole Kardashian, will tell anyone & everyone.
About her soon to be ex Hubby's Lamar Odom's drugs problem.
But she's just as bad.
Which makes her a 
But not to worry all will be revealed,
 in the divorce court.


Anonymous said...

What the blind items have been alluding to since Day One of the Faketrashians is that all the relationships are phony and they pick gullible victims to participate in their house of horror stories. They purposely chose Lamar because they knew he had drug and sex issues and this would create drama and sympathy for Miss Thang here. Her latest "relationship" is also a scam. Is Kris Jenner Satan's right hand and Ryan Seacrest his left?

Anonymous said...

Terrible how she set him up again. She told him to meet her at the club knowing he would be denied! Disgusting family!

T. W. said...

This makes me sad.