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Monday, May 12, 2014

TOLD YA More Beyonce troubles ahead...

The Seer's 2014 Predictions 
Were written while staying
Cayuga Lake 
Upstate New York, 
just down the road from the entrance to 
The Twilight Zone.
  (Completed Dec 19th 2013)

Bit of a disaster all round for Beyoncé to be honest in 2014 including 2015.


Danesha Holmes said...

Professionally she is doing very well. What do you think the fight was about and is this the beginning of the end of Jay and Bey?

Anonymous said...

Yes can u tell us what this was about and/or how is this going to affect Beyoncé's relationships?

Anonymous said...

This has been going on for quite some time, They're fake: the relationship, the fake pregnancy, the I am woman hear me roar feminist stance, I write my own music.. The only thing that might be real is excessive drug use and pieces on the side for both sides going both ways.

Anonymous said...

I like Beyonce, but she is CONSTANTLY trying to stay relevant and it's getting SO SO SO damn obvious, there was a time I loved seeing her perform anfd such, but now I'm so over her. I would rather jump on Jlo's band wagon than hers. I think Jay-Z is a milder version of Ike Turner, you can tell just stoic Beyonce was during the fight. It's sad, Hollywood is a sesspool of greed, lust, and a whole lotta BS. So sad.

Anonymous said...

go salange, i don't condone violence, but I can imagine he is arrogant, and egotistical. she probably just found out he had an affair with gwyneth paltrow. joke. or?....beyonce and jay z are both so.."look at me, look at me..bow down before us." fuck off, a person worthy of that would never have that attitude in the first place. royalty my ass.

Anonymous said...

Not a Beyoncé fan for her singing. Too monotone for my taste. Great entertainer and business genius though. SNL (Saturday Night Live) did a skit/horror-trailer to what happens if you don't like her music. Oh, oh, I'm doomed!

T. W. said...

One gossip site claims the fight was about a problem in Bey and Jay relationship. Bey left the elevator smiling.

I cant stand them either and hope the truth finally comes out and people believe that instead of the lies.

I wonder what the Church of Beyonce has to say. Yes, it is real and no joke.

Anonymous said...

Is Solange Beyonce's daughter?!

T. W. said...

I was about to ask that!

T. W. said...

There are pics of Beyonce showing bruises on her neck and thighs. This happened on multiple occasions.

Anonymous said...

Can you elaborate? Do you see them get divorced?

Anonymous said...

Hey you see his women telling the secrets. ....