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Toni Braxton, has a new book out.
In which she claims.
That God gave her an Autistic Son.
As a punishment, for having an abortion.
The backlash from this will be swift & nasty.


Anonymous said…
"My initial rage was quickly followed by another strong emotion: guilt. I knew I'd taken a life… I believed God's payback was to give my son autism."

Hopefully not much backlash seeing as though this was something she once believed and has been informed with tons of information since those early years. I also hope people aren't quick to come down on her without at least reading the parts where she explains the religious cult her family was apart of and how almost everything "regular kids" would do was considered a sin/ could send them to hell.
auntliddy said…
That is just plain ignorant. If one believes in God, they know he is not punitive, and a child is never a punishment. Beyond idiotic, or, as you said so well, bullshit.
T. W. said…
I agree. Unfortunately a lot of churches teach God makes people sick. This is a LIE. Why not pray for God to make u sick then?

The old testament says sickness and disease is a curse. Romans says all good things come from God. Jesus cleansed the sick and healed the lepers. I could go on.

Anonymous said…
No, no, no don't understand. She said she believed that, not that it was true. There is a big difference. I kept having miscarriages and believed I was being punished by GOD as well. I've had over 5, until I had my miracle son. This is an emotional reaction. I had the same thoughts too, especially since my sisters had no problems whatsoever. You know when you make a terrible mistake and then you have a child less than perfect, you naturally assume it's because of that mistake you made.
T. W. said…
Hi. My sister read the book while at the bookstore. She says Toni realized God did not cause these problems.

It could be people read the press release and get turned off by the comments, then not read the rest of what she has to say.
Anonymous said…
Yes, T.W. thanks. I read one press release that said just that, but they like to take things out of context and add things to them. I have been where she is and that is exactly what goes through your mind. I was basically coerced into an abortion with lies (I had bronchitis and took meds for it and "he" kept drumming it in my head that the child would be deformed, and harassing me non stop) until I had an abortion. The result is that I have never forgiven myself for it and had 5 miscarriages and then finally one son, who is also on the far end of the Autism Spectrum. Yes...I totally thought that GOD was punishing me for going through with the abortion. What makes it more tragic is that all I've ever wanted was to be a mother my whole life and that guy caused me to freak out out of fear and do something I would never do and something that I have regretted and despaired over for the rest of my life. That's why I know what she is feeling.
T. W. said…
I am sorry about the abortion,abuse, and miscarriages. Please know the children are with God now.

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