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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Even more Sex Abuse.........

Christian Dion 
The Seer’s 
2013 Predictions
(Completed Dec 19th 2012)
45                  Jimmy Saville sex case, well if you think it’s been bad so far, just wait as we go through 2013 month by month more and more Celebrities will be dragged into it, you will be really shocked at some of the names, great fodder for the tabloids.


Patrick Ganley said...

So when is Jeff Herman (the guy suing Bryan Singer) gonna make his next move? He's been quiet for awhile.

T. W. said...

People like this need to be permanently locked up.

Anonymous said...

Even at this time Rolf Harris is in court. Cd do you think that both Harris and Glitter will be in clinky? We all remember these in the 70s when we were kids whilst watching them on tv. Its absolutely awful. My heart goes out to the victims

Anonymous said...

To me, the big question is - why did it take so long for their criminal behavior to be exposed?