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It'll just get worse.......

For those of you expecting that 
Kim Kardashian-West.
Would settle down now she is a married woman.
As you can see from the above pic.
In fact her behaviour,
 will just get worse and even more erratic.
Well because there's nothing 
about this marriage.
Just another PR stunt,
 from these rich trailer park lowlifes


T. W. said…
She has no self respect.
Anonymous said…
The blushing bride looks content - she just made millions off her latest "marriage" and got lots of publicity to boot.She reminds me more of a dark haired Jenna Jameson than her idol, Elizabeth Taylor. In looks and behavior.
Anonymous said…
I agree!
Anonymous said…
When are they going away. I channel surf i see the show i skip That channel faster than a speeding bullet.
I have had enough. Now they have the young ones. It won't end. Its horrible.
Why why can't it end
When will it end CD
We can't take it
T. W. said…
I want to see RuPaul's drag race instead of Kartrashians. I see these people I have an emotional collapse.
Anonymous said…
Kim and Brittny Gastineau started out years ago as escorts to mega rich. Kim got famous left her behind hence hotel from fight with client days ago leaving her face black k and blue? Christian?
Anonymous said…
It seems as you can see the evil and selfishness in her eyes. How much money and attention do people need? Seems so discusting- no soul.
Anonymous said…
Christian, this is one of your quickest predictions ever! In the latest pictures of "Mrs. West", she looks like a hooker pushing a baby carriage.

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