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Friday, June 6, 2014

Lest We Forget....


Mariefass said...

They really were the "greatest generation." Thank you, and God Bless to all those who served , and do so today.

Anonymous said...

Words are not enough to thank all men and women who have given their lives to defend freedom for their countries, for the world. Never forget.

Anonymous said...

We remember the ones we lost and honor their sacrifice. The next generation must remember. What bravery - it's an astonishing battle. God bless them all.

auntliddy said...


T. W. said...

Thank you for your sacrifice.

Anonymous said...

It's so amazing to think if it wern't for all of our grandfathers, and great uncles and co, we probably wouldnt be here, or at least our
freedom wouldnt (although anything is always possible of course :-) ), so GRAND you all are. THanks to each of you who fought for our freedom, and not just for our freedom but for our animal brothers and sisters freedom too, even if you didnt realise it at the time, as who knows what could have happened!?? Thank you for fighting the "GOOD FIGHT"!!!!!!!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Well,Putin was there as a special guest despite the situation in Ukraine.

Anonymous said...

Why shouldn't he be - he is representing Russia who lost 25 million people in the war. Compare this to the 1 million lost by UK and USA combined.