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Friday, June 13, 2014

She sure likes her dancers....

Well, well seems JLo,
 has moved on from her "Ghost" very quickly.
She's stepping out with DWTS pro Maksim.
PR dream, for ABC.
Won't last.........
Why won't it last?
Because it's all "FAKE"
Besides she's in Brazil.
He's a judge on the Indian DWTS.


Anonymous said...

Rat's. ..oh well..Marc is still free..

Anonymous said...

Funny! How desperate for fame does one have to be to hire a PR team to create fake relationships? I'm not even going to get into her um, music and what her real singing voice sounds like.

T. W. said...

How can he lift her?

I am sick of fake people.

Anonymous said...

Hi Christian, I have a question about someone in your line of business. It's Theresa Caputo. I think she's the real deal but there's rumblings that she's a fraud. What do you see?

Christian Dion said...

The problem with her, is the way her show is so heavily edited fo TV effect, it makes it look faked CD

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Christian!

Anonymous said...

Is she a psychic?Did she say something about Robert Pattinson?

Anonymous said...

Christian, my name is Leticia Castillo. Thank you so much for your blog. I enjoy it. Anyway, I know this is PR to get everyone to stop talking about the transgender Casper was messing around with, but you said JLO will find her ultimate soul mate. If so will he be an entertainer? Also, will I ever find myself and finally settle down for good? Will My X and I work things out? MM?

Anonymous said...

Hey CD what about her Ex Marc Anthony, any new love for him...poor guy???