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Friday, June 6, 2014

Took a while but Casper has been exocised..........

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Not so smart.........

JLo's $10.000 a week boyfriend/gigolo 
Casper Smart has had her name tattooed 
on his willy.
Thankfully she has only three letters in her name.
I wonder if it is in colour?
What's he going to do 
when she dumps 
Lasers a bitch ha ha..


Anonymous said...

Correct again CD. ...he's out of there...

Anonymous said...

Dear CD,
Your prediction about me is almost coming true. The day it finally happens will thank you profusely. Also, please do predict about my fav Leo Dicaprio 's marriage/ personal life. The only time a commentator asked a question and you replied that you will "think" and respond. Otherwise you always just predict.

Anonymous said...

Jennifer once said in an interview that she does not like to be alone, and I'm the same way. And you know what? there is nothing wrong with that, if you look at from it from a positive point of view. But as myself, she keeps meeting all the wrong men, who she is damn well aware are just going to use her and accumalate(sp) luxury items. I'm all about showering your love with more than love, but you when you are getting used, it makes the situation all the more sad. She's like Halle Berry, so beautiful, fortunate, and could basically have ANY man she wants, but again as like myself, she needs to really take those rose-colored shades off look at love in more realistic way and it's then she will find the right man for her.

T. W. said...

About time.

Anonymous said...

Hey CD, is it true that Jennifer moved on to Max from Dancing with the stars?

Anonymous said...

Really? Where did you read that? Isn't he married?