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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Troubles ahead ha ha

Oh this is going to be fun.
Casper aka Jlo's "Fake" boy toy.
Wants $30.000 a month from JLo.
To keep him in the style,
 to which he has become accustomed.
Or he'll talk.
Can't wait...... 
He needs to watch his back.


Anonymous said...

OMG! !! He fucked her behind her back while be was with her and now he still fucking her after she kicked him to the curb! OMG!!! He is really underestimating JLO. She WILL NOT put up with this money user moochers mess! That POS. Truth is she gave him like 10g a week and this is the slap in the face she gets!? 2.5 years 10g a week!! And now this. Someone needs their ass beat.

Anonymous said...

What The What? This was a phony baloney relationship to begin with so what beans does he have to spill? And word is she's spilling stories on him now to discredit him. They're both a couple of Hoo Haas but since JLo has a lot more experience in the fame game she probably does have some more tricks up her sleeve.

Anonymous said...

JLo is no fool, I know she had him sign a non-discloser agreement, so if he spills one damn word she can sue his ass off.

Anonymous said...

I don't know why she signed up for this fake relationship to begin with. Is she as desperate as the KarKrashinCans for publicity? Did she get so burned by her past marriages that she decided a paid contract is cheaper than a "we're so in luv" tryst? I think the "real" story is more interesting: the bodyguard!

T. W. said...

Her first husband has plenty to say. She kept taking him to court. I am sick of jello anyway and casper should have kept his money. Dummies.