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Friday, July 11, 2014

Something is so wrong......

So George Clooney has made the "Daily Mail".
Remove the non story, as he claims.
Re his mother in law to be opinions.
Then the 
gets moved from September to August.
Whatever is behind this madness has to be big.
As this "PANIC" behaviour, 
something he never does.
Has to be to block/knock off track something.
I smell an expose.
Maybe he will go ahead with the wedding,
 to try to prove a point.
But it's stupid.


Anonymous said...

This. If this is a cover up for something else (in addition to political aspirations), it won't be good for his reputation, career, whatever. For anyone involved.

T. W. said...

I will repeat the rumor again. Word is Jennifer Aniston left Brad Pitt because she caught him in bed with Clooney. This is rumor. If true it is juicy.

Nancy lopez said...

Maybe he loves this woman and just wants to get married? What is wrong with that?

Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more Christian, couldnt agree more. Nothing is wrong with that at all nancy :-) , if it IS true love.

Anonymous said...

I thought Brad Pitt left Jennifer Aniston? as that how he and angelina came to be, their bond was greater:-). but that quite a funny rumor..lol..the image is quite funny:-).

T. W. said...

That is a good point. Perhaps the secret has to do with his distant past. If this is a bad match I hope they break up soon. If this is good I wish them well.

T. W. said...

If the rumor is true perhaps Angie was the fall guy meaning Brad's marriage was over before the affair. Part of me hopes the rumor is true. I need a good laugh today. Thank you Christian for your blog!

Anonymous said...

Christian, could you elaborate about the expose? Was George involved in criminal behavior? Questionable personal behavior? Shady business deals? What exactly is the deep , dark secret he is hiding?

Erika said...

This isn't anything new for George, actually. He's always written strongly-worded letters to press when they get things wrong and it affects other people. He even held a press conference when Princess Di died condemning paparazzi and tabloid culture.

Anonymous said...

Sick of this in the closet, woman using, fan base manipulating fake ass selfish one agenda bitch who is more than likely a pedo. When is this bastards day coming!?