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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Worse to come....

Those of you that have followed,
 this blog for sometime.
Know what I have predicted about Gaza.
(sadly coming true)
I'm afraid to say that there is much more to come.
As well as much worse.
It's all about greed.
Until Israel wakes up, 
doing what their own God tells them.
To respect "ALL" life.
None of this fucking Bullshit will stop.
It is in their hands,
 to put an instant stop to this situation.


T. W. said...

Thank you for bodly telling the truth.

Anonymous said...

They will never stop. I am beyond pissed. Between them and the USSR its getting ridic

Anonymous said...

Will there ever be peace there?

Maureen said...

Peace? Get real. This is cousin vs cousin and there's nothing nastier than family fights. Plus there's plenty of people getting rich selling weapons that have an interest in keeping it going. That being said I do pray for peace daily. Don't know if it does any good but you got to start somewhere.

Or -A said...

Hey I'm from Israel can you please elaborate on the situation????
What did you mean by this "I'm afraid to say that there is much more to come.
As well as much worse".
Thanks in advance