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Friday, August 22, 2014


Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Rough times ahead.....

As Nick Cannon's professional life,
 goes from strength to strength.
His personal life is about to take a hit.
From which there will be no repair.


T. W. said...

He should have kept his mouth shut to begin with.

Anonymous said...

He probably already has another. .just like her

Anonymous said...

Mariah is bat ass Cray Cray
Nick will get his life back.

Mariefass said...

At first I was rooting for this guy despite his being immature...but now, he's accusing her of having mental issues, and stating he is fearful for his children. This is low, if this is true then certainly deal with it but there is no need to shame Mariah publicly. Bad form ....this dude has no class, and even worse...he is disloyal.

Anonymous said...

Mariah is knee deep living with mental illness. Do you're research.

T. W. said...

Yeah, she is but Nick still should have kept his mouth shut.

Jane Wenkoff said...

He needs to show respect to the mother of his children. Poor form and no class on his part.