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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Big announcement soon..

HRH Duchess of Cambridge..........
Will be having a great Christmas.
However she won't be wrapping this present.


Anonymous said...

Pregnant? :)
I wish their family all the best))

T. W. said...

Love the photo.

Congratulations on their growing family. Soon she will be queen.

Anonymous said...

Awwww, she's carrying their Princess! How wonderful for them.


Christian Dion said...

Pinky Winky...CD x

Mariefass said...


Anonymous said...

What happy news! I adore her, William, George - they are all just wonderful! I admire the choices they've made as a family - to stay out of the spotlight, for him to go back to work. I hope she is healthy in the first trimester - as she was in the hospital with George at the beginning. Assuming the Queen and Charles live to be as old as the Queen Mother - then it could be 40 years before William is king. Also - while I admire Prince Charles and his focus on the environment... the thought of Camilla at the top just makes me want to THROW UP!

Anyway - happy news! I think CD predicted a girl this time, right? Also - CD - will that be it? Will they have more children after this?

Anonymous said...

A little princess Diana perhaps?

Anonymous said...

CD what happening with brad pitt and his partner Angelina Jolie. His psychic of so many years has come out with claims that he doesn't love her.

'Brad doesn't love Angelina... but he's staying with her for the sake of the children': Astonishing claims by Pitt's psychic