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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Here he goes.......

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Don't hold you're breathe.....

I hate to say this.
But this "TRUCE" in the Ukraine.
Isn't going to last.
The monster in charge will have,
 to be dragged out of power.
There's much more trouble ahead.


T. W. said...

I was waiting for all your updates. Thank you Christian.

Anonymous said...

Biden must be happy now his son Hunter has been appointed director in the Ukraine's largest oil company. Mission accomplished.
It is all about oil and gas again!

T. W. said...

Wow. A handful of men run the world.

Anonymous said...

If that's true about Hunter Biden wow I agree with TW adding rich is getting richer. How can any of these people understand the plight of the regular Joe..
I may never vote again. They should have academy awards for politicians too.
Best con job
Best slogan creators

T. W. said...

Your vote is important.Ask God to guide you and pray for those in office.