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HRH is going to be pissed

Tuesday, December 24, 2013


The Seer's 2014 Predictions 
Were written while staying
Cayuga Lake 
Upstate New York, 
just down the road from the entrance to 
The Twilight Zone.
  (Completed Dec 19th 2013)

Prince Charles.
Is in a very upsetting year,
 and is going to be doing a lot of


Anonymous said…
Ring ring ring!
"Hello, P. Charles? This is Karma. We need to talk!"
Mariefass said…
Charles is like a grown man with the mentality of a spoilt little boy.People wonder why the Queen won't hand over the throne to him and his demon Queen, Camilla....maybe this book will shed some light. Silly little jealous, peevish boy!!!!
Anonymous said…
I hope the Queen never abdicates and lives to be 101 like her mom. The Queen is an astonishing person and leader. To follow her reign with the likes of a "Camilla".... yuk. That would be a disgrace. Although I think CD had some prediction this year about the Queen needing to make plans etc... Diana's psychic always said Charles would never be king - but that is how it works - Queen Elizabeth, then Charles, then William... then baby George!
T. W. said…
You know that book is juicy.

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