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Friday, August 15, 2014


Billionaire US entrepreneur Donald Trump has announced plans to build his first Trump Tower,
 in Mumbai in a joint venture with Indian property developer Lodha Group.
Great news for the people of America.
We get rid of the moron.
Mind you this could be the one venture that finally bankrupts him for good.

Hopefully he won't even have enough fuel left for the private jet home.


T. W. said...

You are funny Christian!

Anonymous said...

He's been bankrupt so many times - I can't imagine anyone who wants to do business with him! Who wants to put that much money into a project that will just "ugly up" the city (name your city: Chicago, NYC, etc.) with a tacky building with his awful name in giant letters across the side? Who are these idiots who keep going into business with him? I guess he ran out of fools in this country and managed to trick people in India. Too bad, India is such a beautiful country! They don't need this tacky architecture!

Anonymous said...

Good one