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More to come.....

Boris Johnson the Mayor of London.
Has announced,
 that he will run for a seat in Parliament.
No surprise really.
But wait till he becomes Prime Minister.
(2016 a new Mayor.
A new Direction. 
from another Cliche of society.
Won't be good after the Honeymoon).


Anonymous said…
Hi cd. Can you see Labour getting in next term because this coalition government is the cruelest lot ever. The way they've treated the sick is evil not forgetting the cruel bedroom tax and zero hour contracts. And in the future if it were to come off how good will Boris be as PM. If that does happen I hope his government won't be as cruel as this lot we have today. Regards Tony
Anonymous said…
TOTALLY dig his young hair look. Smart all he needs is his workouts and laser and he will be looking pretty good. I don't know I just love the hair.
Anonymous said…
Will he be the next Churchill Christian? Or will he cause more harm than good?
Anonymous said…
Back at the olympics (i'm from new zealand), I thought he'd make a good prime minister, as his personality is quite the opposite of most polititians, as he seems quite chilled and therefore more open to new ways of doing things? is this true christian? would he make a good prime minister? thanks, .
Anonymous said…
Does that mean we are in for a run of Tory governments in the UK? :-(

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