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Saturday, September 20, 2014

As she can see Russia from her kitchen, she shouid go there, for GOOD.

So Sarah "Trailer Park" Palin's.
Latest PR stunt was to get involved in a bar brawl.
No surprise there then.
But we are going to be surprised.
With her thinking to run again, and of course loose again.
In 2016.
I think she should, great for Hilary, ha ha....


Patrick Ganley said...

She wouldn't have a chance.

T. W. said...

Everyone wants Hillary to win so she will. I would rather deal with Kartrashian than Sarah Palin.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Sugar Bear can be her running mate. He has some free time now and also likes to hunt and fish.

Anonymous said...

Lol...good one

T. W. said...

Christian, White House security is still lax as you predicted. Someone jumped the fence and made it inside the wh.

Anonymous said...

So, what party? The Tea Party or the Republicians?

Christian Dion said...

I alwyas thought they are one in the same CD

Anonymous said...

The Tea Party is the Republican Party. You are correct C.D., but would she really be able to win in the primaries?? Seriously??? I will be shocked if she does. Many don't like her on the Right and do not think she represents them. I think she just wants to run, not to win, but to appear relevant. Sad that she is oblivious to the fact that she is a joke.