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Monday, September 8, 2014

At a crossroads.....


Often when you try to manipulate,
the public to believe one thing.
While in fact doing the opposite.
You'll get into big time trouble.
Kanye West, must be feeling very stressed.
As someone close to him, 
isn't pleased with the "Arrangement" anymore.
It's going to be fun in the coming weeks.
Well for us, if not for him.....


Patrick Ganley said...

There's a psychic on YouTube who said Kanye West would suffer a meltdown over the next few years comparable to Britney Spears/Michael Jackson and would end up losing his family, his career and his mind. Pretty sad if true.

T. W. said...

I guess Kanye's "friend" Ricardo Tisci is upset …

Maureen said...

So Riccardo is getting jealous of Kim and North getting to go to industry events and get photographed when it should be him? I don't see this ending well.

Anonymous said...

Who's this dude????

Christian Dion said...

Ricardo Tisci

Anonymous said...

Will the real Kanye please stand up? Maybe he'll be the one to expose the Kave of the Kardashian Klan in an epic meltdown.

T. W. said...

He designs for Givenchy.

Anonymous said...

I said.this shit.was fake with Kim. She is a selfish gluttonous idiot for going this route with Gay-ye ahem i mean Kanye. How much fame and money does one need? I'm not against gays...just fake gays like Kanye...though I like some his music...just be YOU! Don't play the world...karma.

Anonymous said...

Same shit �� going on with looney Clooney. His ex of.like a decade ...owner of George Siegel in Santa Monica Ca...George was with this dude while frantically running around with different women in public to hide the fact he is GAY. I can't.stand him for using and abusing women and playing his fans...fucking.prick. He probably a pedophile too.

Anonymous said...

Thanks CD and TW...This is going to be a hot mess!

Anonymous said...


Your prediction came true.

Anonymous said...

Sick.of these faggots. All faggots who give.faggots a bad.name
Just be faggots and.stfu