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So Michael Sam,
 has been cut from the team that signed him.
Also he has been passed over,
 by all the other NFL teams.
"They", the powers that be, say it has nothing to do with him being 
aka admitting g to being 
" GAY ".
What a wonderful message,
 the powers that be at the NFL are sending.
" As long as you aren't honest, you can play "
How about they sack,
 all the wife/girlfriend beaters ?
Oh, right is they did that they would,
 only have half the teams left.
Don't worry Michael I have a funny feeling that you are going to have the last laugh.
Plus a very big paycheck.....


Anonymous said…
Finally they cut him! Unfortunately he'll "have" the last laugh.
Anonymous said…
as a kiwi (new Zealander) it very sad to see so many men in americe still have issues with those who know they are gay. Very sad indeed. How would these people like it if they were subject to abuse and rejection because they were straight? ... I love it how back in the day some american Indian tribes gave special respect to those who were gay as they sawand acknowledged that they were blessed with both masculine and feminine energies so had sacred gifts of balance etc and they celebrated and let them be who they needed to be. We all have feminine and masculine energies so when disrespecting those who are gay we disrespecting those same beautiful energies in ourselves. All the best for Michael who has more guts than any of the so
calledtufftuff guys in american football!
Anonymous said…
I feel bad for Michael. His time to shine is coming.
Anonymous said…
He was picked up by the Dallas Cowboys, so his days in the NFL aren't over yet.

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