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Saturday, September 13, 2014


So next Monday is the return of 
" The View "
Plus Rosie O'Donnell.
A ratings mega hit.
She & Whoppi  will take it back to the top.


T. W. said...

Yes, God is real!

Anonymous said...

Of course he is.

Anonymous said...

I'm from New Zealand, and I just want to know, why did they get rid of rosie o'donnell originally yet keep that elizabeth lady, who seems really right wing and loved the sound of her own voice and no one could get a word in? strange. Rosie got good patience to come back - good for her. She and woop woop are funny:-).

Anonymous said...

P.s - yes of course God- SHE is real :-) lol.

T. W. said...

She told the truth about donald trump and September 11.

T. W. said...

: - )

Anonymous said...

oh, i c...thanks t.w i thought it had to be something. what do you mean donald trump? what that all about?

T. W. said...

Donald runs the Miss USA pageant (looking for his next wife) and the reigning Miss USA got caught up in some scandal. Donald held a press conference. Rosie saod Donald was married and divorced twice so he is no moral authority.

She also stated he is not a self made man. He came from money and has filed bankruptcy multiple times. His father died and left him money which was used to pay creditors.

She did a very good impression of him. Go to YouTube and type " Rosie O'Donnell Donald Trump." Also search for "Rosie O'Donnell Elisabeth Hasselbeck fight."

Anonymous said...

Right on the money!

Best ratings in 8 years for the View