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Monday, September 29, 2014

Needs to start behaving....

Super Diva Ariana Grande.
Really need to start behaving herself.
she'll loose everything she has been given.
Perhaps a parent could step in......


Patrick Ganley said...

If you think she's bad, her brother is a thousand times worse.

Anonymous said...

Can you tell us what is in store for Gwen Stefaii from no doubt. ..

T. W. said...

That girl can't sing.

Anonymous said...

Uhm t w stop hating! she can sing compared to britney and kesha who are bigger stars than her. She's on a roll of success so i doubt anything she does will hurt her. I believe since she copies mariah so much she's been labelled a diva like mariah her predecessor. CD DO YOU SEE HER NEW MAN RAPPER BIG SEAN CAUSING HER ANY PROBLEMS?

T. W. said...

A lot of people can't sing, this girl included, but they make money. If u like it good for u. Support her work and buy her album, then she will be more famous.