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Sunday, September 7, 2014

So dark.........

Seems that Kendall Jenner,
 is being considered for a role in the 
"50 Shades of Grey" sequel.
"50 Shades Darker"
Well she is a Tart in the making.
So It could be classed as type casting.
Flop, anyway........


T. W. said...

That entire family is disgusting and I am glad the movie will flop.

If you need a good laugh read the 50 Shades reviews on Amazon.

Anonymous said...

Off topic but this is about another famewhore anyway. If Kristen Stewart was in a lesbian relationship with her friend Alicia Cargile, would you say it Christian? Since Kristen hasn't come out of the closet I was wondering if you would out her, in case she was in a gay relationship. Thanks!!

Christian Dion said...

Clearly more to this than meets the eye CDx

T. W. said...

Lol. Equal opportunity.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your reply Christian. I agree, it's so obvious.

Anonymous said...

I remember Christian saying that KristenStewart would go with anybody so it sounds like she's bi.She also supposed to have a terrible year but I think she's successful so far.What will be terrible for her?

Anonymous said...

Stewart is either 4th choice in low budget movies that need her name or keeps getting "dropped".

Anonymous said...

James as her "friends" call her would've gone away along time ago, except for the fact that she has the same publicist as Katy Perry. This publicist uses Katy as leverage to get Stew magazine covers & fashion endorsment deals.

Anonymous said...

I've been wondering the same! We're already in september and I'd say that this year is being pretty successful for her so far. Maybe the end of the year will bring up some unfortunate event or a new scandal... no idea.