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Monday, September 1, 2014


This stupid bitch,
 has left the UK to become a terrorist.
She used to be a a girl band.
Well she didn't do well with that.
Let's hope she as useless as a terrorist


T. W. said...

What is going on? We are truly in the last days. Jesus hurry back!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Dion your last predictions about terrorism and war scare the hell out of me. For this world's sake I truly hope you're wrong.

On a lighter note, Jennifer Lawrence "private" nude pics have been leaked, they're all over twitter. Her rep has already sent a statement to the media. She was having such an amazing career. I wonder if this is gonna have a negative impact on her career.

Patrick Ganley said...

I doubt it. Nude leaks don't have the shock value they used to. I think she'll be fine.

Anonymous said...

Christian,is Robert Pattinson dating FKA Twigs?

Anonymous said...

Wonder why Christian hasn't said anything about those Jen's pics.People say that those are casting couch pics for Weinstein.

Anonymous said...

Please,can you answer?:)

Christian Dion said...

A mere flirtation CD

Anonymous said...

Thank you.When will we see him with a real girlfriend?

Anonymous said...

Hi CD, what is going on with Rob Pattinson? He's smoking again, tons of private pics are getting leaked of him hanging out with various women. Is there anything else you can tell about what he's thinking/dealing with, he looks happier in photos but something seems off. Is he playing the field before he settles down or something?