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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

There's even worse to come....

So called British monster murderer 
Jihadi John.
Has murdered yet again, 
he's going to get even worse.
However he should know,
That they have a couple bullets with his name engraved on them.
Which will be delivered,
nicely wrapped for Christmas.


T. W. said...

Thank you for good news.

Jane Wenkoff said...

He is an evil coward serving the wrong master. Is justice is coming and it can't be soon enough.

Anonymous said...

Hi Christian from Australia. At the moment there is a 3 year old boy missing his name is William Tyrell. Any thoughts?

Christian Dion said...

I don't comment publicly on this cases CD

Jack said...

Is that a photo of him Christian ?

Christian Dion said...

As far as Scotland Yard belive it is CD

Jack said...

Thank you for replying .

Anonymous said...

Great news bye bye @$$h0!3
The bell tolls for him.. bye bye

Anonymous said...

Christmas can't come soon enough!!! What they're doing is despicable and inhumane!!

Anonymous said...

I may have a nice bottle of wine. He is done. Fu(k3r piece of $hit I wish we could all kick his ass. Worthless scum.
Name of god my ass