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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

This won't end well........

Miss "Famewhore Jnr"  Kylie Jenner 
and rapper Tyga.
(He's major Trouble)
(No Willie Warmers I bet)
Are more than just friends, 
which is being orchestrated by Mama Jenner.
This is going to be a major disaster...


T. W. said...

I notice she had cosmetic procedures done to her face. This family can't go away fast enough.

Anonymous said...

Is it true that PMKris has been planting stories (she's always done that) - but now they've escalated and become dangerous. Is this to boost sinking ratings and gain sympathy or is the danger real for the Klan of Kloven Hooves?

Anonymous said...

Hey CD is it true that Beyonce and Jay Z planted the divorce rumors to sell the tour?

Anonymous said...

erm, isn't tyga engaged to chyna? they have a baby and everything. not a good look

gossip girl said...

You are right on the money again CD!